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 Tárgy:Recommend [Horror Reasoning] Death Poisonous Corpse (Male Frequency)..  
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Feng Momo's uncle shouted anxiously, who knew that a huge explosion suddenly interrupted his words, and a group of ferocious flames burst out in the shopping mall of the Mixed Dragon Hall. It seemed that the floor was the place where Wu Tian invited Xia Buer to eat, and there was a sudden burst of gunfire around him, and there were violent explosions coming one after another. Shit! Second elder brother Feng Momo's pretty face suddenly turned pale, and a big gap was blown out on the third floor of the mall. Xia Buer was afraid that even a mutant could not survive, but Fan Ruoqi shouted in a hurry: "Master!"! Let's go quickly. If we don't go, it will be too late. The second brother will be all right! But Feng Momo said bitterly, "The second elder brother is right. Wang Hazelnut must be the shuffler. These insane madmen, you will die a terrible death!" Chapter 0244 all-out war. "Please enjoy the dance" Grassland Women Soldiers ", performers He Lihui, Zhang Chuxi and so on.." A hostess dressed in a very period style stood in the middle of the restaurant. As a small band played music, more than a dozen young girls with steel guns on their backs poured out. They had no gorgeous clothes,disc air diffuser, only small T-shirts with bare navels and tight shorts, as well as the most simple and unadorned leggings and dancing shoes. This dance comes from the movie "Youth", which is almost a perfect replica of the rehearsal scene of the female soldiers, but when the real person reappears, it has an indescribable temptation. The girls wear not revealing but sexy,fine bubble diffuser, strong thighs and a touch of amazing white between T-shirts and shorts, all exude an unparalleled youthful atmosphere. Brother Tian! You have a master behind you. Xia Buer sat behind the table almost staring at him. The temptation of not seeing vulgarity but elegance hit his heart directly. The beautiful bodies of girls seemed to be waving to him, but once they had evil thoughts, they felt ashamed of themselves and were afraid of desecrating the elegant art. This sense of contradiction was the original sin that made men degenerate. Haha ~ I heard that you are all great beauties all over the mountains and plains. I have racked my brains in order not to lose face. Wu Tian was smiling with a cigar under his arm. There were only four men sitting at their table. The girls and starlets were only performing for them. The kneeling service of more than a dozen long-legged hot girls was even more imperial. This force was extremely high no matter where it was. It was enough to prove that Wu Tian attached great importance to the meeting. Come here, you two. The song is over! Wu Tianchao hooked his fingers to the two leading actors in red T-shirts. The two sweaty girls rushed over panting and bowed to them respectfully. A natural body fragrance immediately came to their faces. The old man, Wang Da, blushed uncontrollably. Show our guests your skills and tell them why you can be the leading actor.. Wu Tian pressed the table with both hands, and his eyes were domineering, showing the superior's bearing incisively and vividly. The two girls immediately unloaded the steel gun on their backs, and even raised their right legs to stand upright. At the same time, lamella tube ,disc air diffuser, they stood on tiptoe and slowly rotated, so that people could appreciate their beautiful posture in all directions. OK Wang Dana clapped his hands excitedly. The fake art of mistresses was really exposed. He had seen a lot in the mountains and already had a very high immunity. But in the face of the elegant performances of these young girls, he really couldn't hold on. It was enough to see that Xia Buer was fascinated. "Tired of dancing, come and have something to eat." Xia Buer waved directly to the girls. The two girls immediately put down their long snow-white legs and happily sat beside him and Wang Dana. But the accompanying Black Five said with a lewd smile, "They are all original and unopened virgins. You have to be gentle with them at night!" "Ha ha! Brother Wu!"! As soon as you say that, you go from an art theater to a nightclub. Xia Buer pointed to him, and the artistic atmosphere in the room disappeared in an instant, but the girl beside him was quite good at doing things. She picked up a glass of red wine and said shyly, "Brother!"! My name is Zhang Chuxi. I want to have a drink with my brother and invite him in the evening. Be gentle! Good! I promise gently, slowly, ha ha ha.. Xia Buer laughed and drank a cup of wine with her. The little girl immediately came to his side and poured him food and wine affectionately. But suddenly there was a burst of drinking and scolding in the kitchen. As soon as a cook rushed out, he was punched and kicked on the ground. Don't hit him, he's my father. Zhang Chuxi suddenly jumped up anxiously and hurriedly rushed to protect the cook. Wu Tian immediately knocked on the table to ask what was going on. Several thugs immediately replied: "This guy stole clothes to sneak in. He was found by the kitchen and wanted to run away!" "God!"! My dad's here for me. Give him a break. Zhang Chuxi cried and hugged her father. The man had been beaten with blood all over his face, but he still tried to get up and kowtowed to Wu Tian. He said in a plaintive voice, "God!"! Please let my daughter go. She's only seventeen years old. She can't accompany a man! "Fart!"! Your daughter came to the door herself, and when did I ever force her. Wu Tian pounded the table angrily, and Zhang Chuxi pushed her father and cried, "Dad!"! I beg you to go quickly, they really did not force me, I asked them to sign up, the guests have chosen me, God will give me three hundred catties of grain and a pistol, so you do not have to go out to risk! "I don't want you to earn this dirty money. Come home with me." The man pulled up Zhang Chuxi and wanted to go, but Black Five went up and punched him in the face. He fell to the ground and almost fainted. Black Five pushed Zhang Chuxi away and scolded him angrily: "***!"! Who can blame your daughter for volunteering to be a whore? If you don't get out, I'll kill you! "Xiaoxi!"! With. Go home with Dad, you can't be a bitch. The man actually climbed over shakily, desperately trying to pull Zhang Chuxi's leg, but Black Five stamped his foot on his hand, directly pulled out the pistol behind his waist and loaded it. Zhang Chuxi hurriedly grabbed him and cried: "I'm going to accompany the guests, I.." When I am a whore, I will be a good whore,MBR reactor, please don't kill my father! "Brother Wu!"! Forget it, don't embarrass my father-in-law, or how can I marry his daughter. 。

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