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 Tárgy:Kill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel Heaven..  
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Li Feng'er stood on the broken stone pillar. The willow waist was as soft as a bone, and the slender eyebrows were twisted into a diagonal line. She shouted softly: "Nearly a hundred status warriors, this force is more than twice as strong as ours. This time we added Cao Zhilan and Xie Kui, as well as He Qingman. These are all difficult characters. It seems that they are really in trouble." "Cao Zhilan!" Yang Mu looked heavy, "This woman is a master of the new generation of the Cao family. It is said that her strength is extremely extraordinary. She ranks third in the battle list, one place higher than me.". I haven't played against her, and I don't know what her real strength is, but since she can rank third in the battle list, her strength must not be weak. ……” Yang Mu thought for a moment and suddenly said, "Once we find that the situation is not good, whether Uncle Jiang has come out or not, we must enter the meteorite array." As soon as Yang Xue's pretty face changed, she couldn't help exclaiming: "If the meteorite array is not cracked, once it breaks in, I'm afraid it will cause us heavy losses.". As you can see, even Uncle Jiang, who is proficient in array. We are all trapped in it, and if we rush in, it will be even worse. Li Feng'er, Yang Ke, and others also looked stern and looked at Yang Mu together. For us, the dangerous meteorite array is also a barrier to block Pan Zhe and Cao Zhilan. They are more numerous than us. As long as they catch up, the loss will certainly be greater than ours. Yang Mu said calmly, "Therefore, whether Uncle Jiang can come out or not, we have to rush through." "Shiyan.." Yang Xue's expression was complicated. "Do you think Uncle Jiang will be all right?" "It will be all right." Shi Yan shook his head. "As long as Uncle Jiang really knows something about the meteorite array, he must be able to crack it. I believe that the message I gave him will never be wrong." With a gentle nod, Yang Xue still said doubtfully, "I hope so." It's not that she doesn't believe in Shiyan, but Jiang Huquan has been in for so long this time, but has not been able to come out, falling into their eyes, "Jiang Huquan is afraid to be doomed.". They subconsciously think that Jiang Huquan has died in the meteorite array,rapid sand filters, even Yang Mu said not to wait for Jiang Huquan to come out, once bad, immediately into the meteorite array, it serves to show that in the face of the facts, he did not have much confidence. They'll be coming in here soon. Li Feng looked up for a while, "I think we should prepare first, take advantage of the terrain here, we can steal Gong unexpectedly, they killed a few people first to the greatest extent." Li Feng'er clenched her teeth, her eyes shining with cold light, and she looked belligerent. Shiyan secretly nodded, "without saying a word, quietly urged the power inside the body chalk, and began to condense the magnetic field.". Yang Mu, Yang Qi, Yang Xue three people began to order their pair of warriors, let them disperse, rotary vacuum disc filters ,wall penstocks, temporarily hide in those palaces, wait for the pursuers to enter them, listen to their orders to start. Master Yan, what shall we do? Kama asked respectfully. Kama is in the realm of triple heaven. In the team of Shiyan, his cultivation is the most exquisite. He is two meters tall and has a strong body. He has been honed by Li Mu, the king of Shura, to the blood guard of Shura. His strength is outstanding. You don't need to do any preparation to hide in the palace first, just seize the opportunity to kill the enemy in front of you. Shi Yan's face is cold. "You are focused. Some opportunities are fleeting. I will create a chance for you to kill with one blow, but you must seize it." "I know, Master Yan." Kama looked shocked. In the previous battle in Silver Horn Shenzhou, Kama had a deep understanding of the magic of Shiyan, knowing that he could quietly urge the mysterious martial arts to affect the whole occupation, so that the opponent's body could be instantly imprisoned, creating an opportunity for them to destroy the enemy in an instant. Therefore, although Shiyan only has the cultivation of a hundred plagues, Kama and others respect Shiyan very much and have no contempt for him at all. Dian! With a light cry, Shiyan suddenly looked at the place where the grey clouds were dense, and his divinity was clearly aware of some abnormalities in the energy. In the area where the Ginger Lake Spring entered, the original chaotic energy fluctuations suddenly seemed to be in order, and the energy inside seemed to be a long river, flowing slowly along a special track. It seemed that someone had reversed the chaotic energy and made them docile. Jiang Huquan! As soon as Shiyan's mind moved, he immediately realized that Jiang Huquan should have succeeded. He really cracked the meteorite array and changed the energy fluctuation of the meteorite array. Uncle Jiang is coming back. Shi Yan smiled indifferently and suddenly drank lightly. What Li Feng'er is still standing high, looking down at the rock below, "you this guy, can not predict the future?" Shi Yan shook his head with a smile and looked up at Li Feng'er, who was graceful and had straight legs. He said, "It's not a prophet, but I can vaguely detect his breath. Well, I have a treasure that can make my spiritual insight more acute." "Xiao Yanzi, did Uncle Jiang succeed?" Yang Mu was overjoyed. The pursuers were coming. If Uncle Jiang could succeed, we would be even more sure. Well, it should be coming out soon. Shi Yan nodded his head. Sure enough, his words fell, and a dusty figure suddenly jumped out of it. Jiang Huquan's face was covered with dust, but his spirits were shaking. He looked at Shiyan in high spirits and said happily, "The news from Master Yan is true. I was able to crack the meteorite array, thanks to Master Yan's familiarity with ancient Chinese characters." Yang Qi, Li Feng'er, Yang Xue and others, listening to him say so, are quite surprised, and then look at Shiyan, the eyes can not help but have a lot of thought-provoking look. Kama's Yang Jiawu, who was assigned to the Shiyan team, looked excited and had more confidence in Shiyan. After you enter the meteorite array, remember to walk in the left hand direction first, after seven steps, change to the right hand direction, after five steps, change to the left hand direction, and so on. Remember, seven steps to the left, five steps to the right, don't make a mistake,lamella clarifer, as long as they follow this pace, the meteorite will not fall on you. Jiang Huquan grinned. "If there are really pursuers entering, I believe they will suffer heavy losses if they don't understand the formation of Zhengzhou." 。

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