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Unexpectedly, there was not much noise at the mouth of the cave, and the arrow was like rain falling into a big river, which could not stir up the waves. Come out Jin Di Xiucai roared, but unfortunately there was no response, which made his eyes more alert, and his eyes staring at the entrance of the cave were full of extreme anger. Golden flute scholar, in Shanghai, is the number of terror figures, in addition to a few people, the rest of a few people are not in the eyes. According to the reliable information he got, the Holy Land masters who appeared this time would not be too strong, because there were several people in Shanghai who were holding back, and those who came were all unfashionable characters, at least in the eyes of those matchless masters, one finger could pinch them to death, even if they were Dan Jin, they were all mole ants. Staring at the void, Jin Di Xiucai's face changed, suddenly his expression moved, looking at the goblin, grasping with his big hand, the goblin lifted up uncontrollably. His face was calm, without the slightest panic, and the goblin looked at the Golden Flute Scholar indifferently. The third prince had been unable to move, and the fox wanted to speak, but when he saw the end of the third prince, he simply shut his mouth. Qingsong Taoist did not know what kind of abacus he was playing in his heart. He looked at him coldly and did not say a word. Occasionally,digital whiteboard price, he thought of Jin Di Xiucai's flattering smile, which made him look a little sick. "If you don't come out, this woman will die," said Jin Di Xiucai. He is a super master above Dan Jin, and he can be keenly aware of the changes of his opponent's Qi. Just now, although obscure, but the golden flute scholar can be sure that the target of the other side is the woman in the hands, this woman who looks so long that she is interested in herself, there are ten thousand reasons to be crazy. Still silent. Even Jin Di Xiucai began to wonder if he had made a mistake. The strength in his hands increased. He strangled the goblin's neck tightly and said in a cold voice, "Last chance, if you.." As soon as the voice fell,thermal imaging camera, Jin Di Xiucai's face suddenly changed, and a chill feeling rose in his heart, as if he were in the cold and desperate hell, as if he were the Lord of the hell in front of him, bearing the killing of the other side without anger. Different levels of killing, making the Golden Flute Xiucai issued a strange cry, like a ghost to leave the original place, just at the moment he left, suddenly the vitality of ten feet was forcibly evacuated, an absolute domain, imprisoned the void, enveloped all things, dominated all things. With a frightened look on his face, Jin Di Xiucai lost his voice and said, "Absolute territory!" Puff! A golden light shot from the void, invisible, wrapped in the domineering power of the road, with the breath of suppression of nine days and ten places, making everything lose color. The golden flute scholar retreats very quickly. The paper fan waves away and collides with the golden light. But then a strange scene happens. The paper fan contains the strong vitality of the golden flute scholar. It can be said that it can be blocked for a moment, outdoor digital signage displays ,touch screen kiosk, but where the golden light passes, it ignores all obstacles. Whether it is vitality or aura, it is like nothingness in front of it. Through the paper fan, through the golden flute Xiucai's shoulder, deep into the wall, the whole stone wall in the golden light into the moment, has undergone essential changes. The stone wall shook violently, the dust came down, and the mechanism burst out and stabbed the golden flute scholar. In the face of the rainstorm and the sword rain of pear blossoms, the Golden Flute Scholar flew down and clapped all the sharp swords down, tinkling in an endless stream. The ground was covered with dark sharp arrows, on which the blue awn flashed. It was obviously a hidden weapon to quench poison. But looking at its material, it should have been arranged in recent years. This was only the periphery of the cemetery of Liren Lake. The formation arranged by the old Taoist priest was useless to the Golden Flute Scholar, but it was enough to kill the master of Gangjin. Jin Di Xiucai's eyes flowed, covering his shoulders, his face was gloomy, and his eyes were a little frightened. Absolute field, when he shouted out, he thought his opponent was a super master with absolute field. Don't show up because you don't want to. Jin Di Xiucai was humiliated and angry in his heart, but he dared not be too presumptuous under the deterrence of the people who owned the absolute field. He has a master in the absolute field, just like the three princes to him, the realm is too different, there is no possibility of defeating the opponent, or even be suppressed by the opponent. Martial arts practitioners, the more difficult it is in the future, and the greater the gap, such as the dark strength to the bright strength, the transformation of strength to the dark strength, the gap between them, the difference can not be reasonable. This is the difference of realm and essence. The absolute realm, only the legendary, supreme leader of the Holy Land, can enlighten one side to form their own realm, in which they are invincible. Jin Di Xiucai remembered that the man might be the leader of the Holy Land. He was so cold that he dared not breathe. Although he tried to calm down on the surface, his blood trembled down his arm and fell to the ground. Everyone could see that he was frightened. Tick tock! The sound of water drops makes the surroundings more quiet. Then the sound of footsteps, so that everything is strange up, Jin Di Xiucai, Hu Mei Zi, Qingsong Taoist, and even paralyzed on the ground of the three princes all opened their eyes, want to see what people look like. Leader, the legendary supreme existence, ordinary people simply can not see, even the three prince, so many years, only occasionally glimpsed Qinglong Pavilion Lord, Pavilion Lord looked at each other, a look, let him give birth to a sense of submission, want to die for him immediately. This is the power of the saints, the leaders are no longer human, but the body function beyond the human, unarmed can kill tanks, strength can penetrate bullets. This kind of realm is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. It is said that the master of Cihang Jingzhai has reached the highest level of cultivation. She can predict danger and avoid danger. She is an immortal existence. Anyone who wants to kill her can run away calmly. Not to mention, her own strength has been above the heavens. The sound of footsteps became louder and louder. Jin Di Xiucai unconsciously stepped back and looked at the dark abyss. If the other side really wanted to kill people, he would jump in regardless. In this legendary place where even the leaders of the Holy Land were afraid, he might find a glimmer of life. Chapter 632: Copper Coffin! Under the ever-burning lamp, a long shadow pulled up, and a very horrible figure appeared, which made the heart of the Golden Flute Scholar jump out. He could not feel any breath beyond him, when the figure appeared, everyone was shocked,interactive whiteboard prices, originally very calm goblin, suddenly the body a shock, and then looked at the people.

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