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The previous one, the doctor and Huo Shen gave it. Now, they are so free to come and go, there must be a new one! "You can study it first, and when you plan to attack, you must call my people together." The doctor spoke affirmatively. Huo Shen nodded and took the information. Then they soon left the city of heaven and earth. The little grapefruit went with him. Back to the north of the city, HuoShen and Ann small evening began to look at the information together. The more I look at it, the more flustered I feel. This mysterious black-robed organization is far more intertwined than they imagined. They don't seem to exist anywhere in the world, and they seem to exist everywhere, all over the world. We have to think about this before we act. An Xiaowan said in a low voice. Last time, they underestimated the enemy and were severely cheated. This time, we must not repeat the same mistakes. —— The doctor has a dream. She felt as if her body was held tightly by something, so she sank into a dream and could not wake up. She seemed to see a beach. A figure has been following behind her, and she has been walking forward, with a relaxed and happy smile on her face. Chapter 2219 of the main text, the soul has no place to go. Let the hair be blown up by the wind, let the skirt roll up the sand, and then fall on the legs. She felt very free,temperature scanning kiosks, as if she could fly against the wind at any time. The sense of satisfaction and happiness in her heart made her feel like a cup full of them, and she was satisfied to overflow. Words.. Come here. "Mo Mo, here!" "Ann, what are you thinking about?" She shouted at the figure behind her, each time with different syllables, different names and names. However, he could not see the man's face clearly. She went into the sea,face detection android, and the sea wet her skirt. She smiled and looked back little by little. Just as she was about to see the man's face, she suddenly woke up, just like before. She suddenly sat up in bed, breathing a little fast, as if a drowning man had suddenly been fished ashore. In the chest, the feeling of happiness overflowing, still faintly flowing, remaining. But when I want to feel it carefully, I only feel a sharp pain. Whenever she wanted to recall, her brain began to send out instructions to resist, and even her heart would tighten. She didn't know what the name meant. Is it the same person or three people? The doctor did not know, so when she saved the two abandoned children on the street, she almost subconsciously named them after these three words. Mo Yan. Mo An. Sitting on the bed, temperature screening kiosk ,digital signage kiosk, the doctor exhaled. Looking out of the window with a slight frown, she could not help pursing her lips and lost in thought. She had a lot of dreams. But she would always come back and let her do it many times, only a few times. This is one of them. In another dream, the scene is a forest. She was like crazy, shouting around inside, running like crazy, like she was looking for something. She looked left and right, walking through every corner of the woods, her eyes more and more helpless, and the panic and emptiness in her heart more and more intense. She shouted something crazily in her mouth, but the dream was always silent. Then she felt that her throat was so sore that she could not make a sound, and her body was so tired that she fell down frequently and could not get up. She cried until she finally lost her strength. I just feel the endless sadness and pain. It's like losing something very precious. The doctor took a deep breath, went to the balcony, gently pushed the door open, and looked out of the window at the false moon. It's really beautiful here, and she made it all by herself. It's just that there's always a lack of a feeling of home. Like the soul, never landed, never found a home. The doctor felt that he was really bored in his heart, so he simply put on his clothes and went out. Blowing the cool air, she felt a little more comfortable. It was only after two rounds that she suddenly turned around and stopped her idle walk. Let's go to the research Institute. In the eyes of the doctor, there was a touch of determination, like a fire burning. She sat in the lab for two days. When she came out, she trembled a little, looked at the things recorded in her pen, and could not help closing her eyes. The best way to stimulate memory recovery.. Maybe this is the only machine. The doctor went out and looked at the blue side and ordered in a deep voice: "Take out the 444-66 instrument." Blue square one muddle, feel oneself are misheard, "what, what,??" Chapter 2220 of the main text: a woman's late night visit. The doctor ignored his shock and left the authority card in his hand directly. Without waiting for him to react, he had already turned around and left. Blue Fang looked frightened and did not come to his senses for a long time. The doctor had returned to the lounge, turned on the hypnotic lamp and aromatherapy, and forced himself into sleep. The use of that machine requires great mental and physical resistance, and if she does not have a good rest, she may not be able to bear it. Blue side has no way, even if again feel terrible, also listen to her meaning, to order people to lift the machine out. A huge instrument was released from layers of blockade. It's covered with dust. All the things of the 444 experiment were kept in such a warehouse that no one could come in except the authorized permission card written by the doctor himself. So, this place is all old and dangerous and mysterious. The blue side felt that he was a little square, standing in such a place, always felt that there was an invisible pressure that made him breathless. He never thought that one day he would open the 444 experiment. Lan Fang, why did the doctor take this instrument? "What does the doctor mainly do?" "This instrument is a high-risk instrument and can't be used casually." Hearing their whispered inquiries,facial recognization camera, the blue side was also very helpless, because he could not give them an answer at all. He shook his head and said nervously, "I don't know." 。

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