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Mary T. Moore
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H City Wetland Scenic Area covers an area of 12 square kilometers, covering a huge area. It is not only a national protected park, but also the location of a thousand-year-old town. There are many cultural landscapes and natural attractions, but scattered in such a large area, it is a great test for the guests who can only move forward on their legs. They ran into the scenic spot passionately, but stopped in front of the layout sketch map at the entrance of the scenic spot. Chou Sen looked at the small print above and felt a little dazzling. Holding his head, he asked Qiao Zhen, "Where are we going first?" If buildings such as small rivers and bridges are included, there are at least a thousand places in the whole scenic area where the bamboo tubes they are looking for may be hidden. Qiao Zhen is still observing the map, took time to look at him: "You are not to say to take me to play well?"? Shouldn't you decide? Qiu Sen snorted, "Then you promised to protect me at the beginning." Qiao Zhen laughed, Qiu Sen pulled her sleeve and pretended to be stupid: "I can't choose, where sister Qiao said, we will go!" At this time, she knows to pretend to be a brother and call her sister. Qiao Zhen looked for a long time also did not see a reason from the map, close to Qiu Sen ear said: "You quietly look, where they all go..." Qiu Sen kept silent very cooperatively and nodded forcefully at her. However,interactive kiosk price, what they thought was a secret act was quickly punctured by others. Gao Jiechao's voice came from behind them: "Qiao Zhen, don't you know to close the microphone first when you bite your ears?" Qiao Zhen Leng Leng, just Gao Jiechao and Cheng Hao are still next to them, but do not know when Gao Jiechao shrank behind them, and with him Cheng Hao, at this time is quietly rubbing to Le Boli and Qi Xiaoya there, pretending to just eavesdrop on their plans. It seems that besides them,touch screen digital signage, Gao Jiechao's team has the same idea as them. After hearing Gao Jiechao's ridicule, everyone's eyes were focused on Qiu Sen and Qiao Zhen, and their faces were full of laughter. The only one who made a big move was Le Boli. He had been with Gao Jiechao for so long. How could he not know his brother's virtue? He guarded his teammate Qi Xiaoya behind him and looked at Cheng Hao with a kind smile on his face. The idea has been punctured, Qiao Zhen also does not feel embarrassed, the plan one has been proved not to be feasible, she certainly has other ways. Quietly pulled Chou Sen's sleeve, Qiao Zhen and he just eye contact, two people are ready to wait for the people next to them to reduce their attention before secretly leaving. It happened that Gu Yifei overheard that Xue Yan and Xu Ge were going to the dock called Yanziwu in the wetland, causing a commotion. Qiao Zhen gave Qiu Sen a look and was pulled forward by the excited youth. Behind him came the exclamation of "they ran away", but Qiu Sen ran fast, and if Qiao Zhen hadn't been pulled by him, it was estimated that he would have fallen far away. "Where are we going now?" Qiu Sen asked Qiao Zhen as he ran. Qiao Zhen has long thought well: "Continue to go in this direction, Interactive digital signage ,smart whiteboard price, go to Chongcui Xiaozhu." She looked back, and there was no one behind her. Think about it, everyone has no clue, even if Qiao Zhen and Qiu Sen sneak away first, it is estimated that it is just a headless fly turning around, not necessarily really know what. After running for a while, Qiu Sen took care of Qiao Zhen's physical strength, and they walked side by side to the route indicated by the map. Qiu Sen was a little curious about Qiao Zhen's choice, so he asked. Qiao Zhen also did not hide from him: "I am not sure, but there is a Yuebo Pavilion next to Chongcui Xiaozhu, I think there may be a bamboo tube hidden here." Seeing that Qiu Sen had not yet figured it out, Qiao Zhen patiently explained, " 'Songpai Mountain Face Thousand Green, Moon Point Wave Heart One Pearl', is Bai Juyi's poem." Their competition is essentially poetry filling in the blanks, and the rules are based on the front and back of the sentence, but now they can also reverse the corresponding poems by location. Qiu Sen thought along Qiao Zhen's words and felt that her idea was very reasonable. Chongcui Xiaozhu is some distance away from the entrance of the scenic spot, Qiao Zhen is also constantly paying attention to the scenery around him on the way in the past, thinking about where to go after Chongcui Xiaozhu. Chongcui Xiaozhu is a very delicate courtyard near the lake. In the lake beside the courtyard, there is a four-sided pavilion built in the center of the lake. I don't know how it was built. The two men went into the yard, and sure enough, a middle-aged man in martial arts clothes was waiting for them. This person is the administrator of the yard, and after meeting them, he issued the task very simply. The pillars of Yuebo Pavilion have lost their paint and need to be repaired. Now things have been sent to the pavilion, but Qiao Zhen and Qiu Sen must rely on their own strength to repair the pavilion. The first chance to find the right place, both very happy, Qiu Sen did not hesitate to accept the task. The caretaker personally punted the two of them to the Yuebo Pavilion, which had four main red columns, three of which were bright in color and obviously had been repaired, and only one of which was old in color and mottled with red and white on the surface. The workload is not big, Qiao Zhen and Qiu Sen saw the satisfied expression from each other's eyes. Everything was prepared in advance, and under the guidance of the administrator, they began to brush the pillars. In a competition, some people have just started to work in full swing, and some people have picked up a bamboo tube by mistake. Gao Jiechao's team in front of him has consumed most of his physical strength and energy. Although Cheng Hao's teammate looks good, his character is too Buddhist to make Gao Jiechao always unable to lift his spirit to do things. They walked aimlessly along a path in the scenic spot and came to a beach by mistake. The view of this place was wide, and in the distance there was a tall and dense reed, which was separated by a beach of unknown depth, and occasionally a long-legged waterfowl flew over their heads. And Gao Jiechao met a stick inserted in the beach by chance, with a green bamboo tube hanging on the stick. Wow,face recognition identification, did God finally open his eyes? Gao Jiechao rubbed his eyes and immediately became energetic. He was so excited that he wanted to call people, but he didn't know when Cheng Hao was lost. Apart from him, there was only the cameraman who followed him.

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