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Ning was puzzled. "What do you mean?" Crown Princess's eyes became resentful, "Lu Qian's illness recovered, but Lu Zhangzhu lost half his life, I'm afraid your two brothers are also ill, right?"? These are all things that happened as soon as you came back, and they are absolutely related to you, but you chose nothing. So, what about before you go back to Beijing? Have you understood the whole story of threatening the Lu family and causing me to have a miscarriage by their hands? He frowned and turned to look at the prince. The prince was looking at her for a moment, apparently eager to hear her answer. This does not necessarily mean that he fully agrees with the Crown Princess's statement, but he also has such doubts. These two people, she was regarded as a disaster star, evil, short-lived ghost by the people, once tried every means to take her life, to the moment ran to Jiangfu, the slightest sense of uneasiness and guilt, but kept questioning, and poured a basin of dirty water on her head. There is such a shameless person, what he does is a matter of course, the loss of life is also stupid, others should die. And if they don't get what they want, and if they don't have a good time, they will put all the blame on the people they hate-the people they hate must be those who do all kinds of evil, only they are innocent and have no fault. Some reputation, she does not care, but this charge, she will never allow others to impose on themselves. When his father was alive, there were two officials in the court who committed the crime of beheading. He also came forward twice to advise the emperor to order another place for children under the age of ten. A full door copy beheading, will be so tired that innocent children muddleheaded to lead the elder's clothes to a tragic death, why bother to achieve the extremely tragic situation. Beyond the law, there are human feelings. On both occasions, the emperor readily agreed to come down and ordered people to place the children separately as appropriate. Damn the wicked, Ling Chi is not too much; innocent children, hurt a point is a sin-father's way of life, she has always recognized and pursued. At this time, he was just because his father was not worth it, information kiosk price , and he was angry because it was not worth it. Who is the prince? Like Shi Tingyi, he has a half-teacher friendship with his father. But now, the prince suspected that Jiang Shixu's daughter would kill a fetus. He stood up and clenched his hands tightly into fists. Be sure to do something, even if you feel childish afterwards, you must get out of this tone first, otherwise you will have a stomachache for several days. Shi Tingyi came out of the inner room. The crown prince and the crown princess were surprised, but then they took things as they were. It's the same whether Shi Tingyi is present or not, whether he hears or not. What can he do? It's just an excuse for the right person. Shi Tingyi walked to Ning's side, gave her a gentle smile, then personally poured two cups of hot tea, put two cups of tea on a small tray, and handed them to her. He took it in ignorance and stared at him with a pair of big eyes burning with anger. Shi Tingyi winked at her and slanted his head again. Ning instantly understood, lowered his eyebrows, went to the arhat bed, put the small tray on the small black lacquer table, a cup in one hand, and picked up the hot tea. The Crown Prince and the Crown Princess were suspicious at first, but it was too late to realize her intention. Ning has never practiced martial arts, but this does not affect her precision and speed. She splashed two cups of tea firmly in the couple's face. Shi Tingyi followed her and took her figure behind him. "Why do you bother to come to Jiangfu to make a noise?" He said in a casual tone. Chapter 035 resentment. Chapter 035 infighting. "Unbridled!" It was only at this time that the Crown Princess was able to recognize the fact that she was so bold and reckless that she broke out because of the embarrassment imposed on her head. She took out her veil and wiped the water stains from her face. Although the tea was not freshly brewed with boiling water, it also brought a burning sensation to her skin, which made her suspect that her skin would be damaged. The prince did not respond, gesturing and even wiping his face calmly. Ning Ning turned around and sat down in the original position, but it was a pity that the tea that Shi Tingyi poured was what she had drunk before-it was not hot enough to destroy the hateful faces of the two men. The Crown Princess stood up and walked quickly to the middle of the room. She raised her finger and pointed to Shi Tingyi. "You.." As soon as he changed his mind, he said in a hurry, "You have been broken by us unintentionally. We came to Jiang Fu to persuade you, but Jiang Yuning went crazy on the spot.". If you don't give me a satisfactory explanation, I'll go to the palace to tell my father and mother! He raised his eyes and gazed at her, his eyes cold and full of contempt and disgust. This look in her eyes made the Crown Princess angry, but inexplicably guilty and panicked. At that moment, she almost suspected that Jiang Ning knew everything about his life and all the secret thoughts he had hidden in his heart. What are you talking about? The prince scolded the Crown Princess lightly and changed a comfortable sitting position. "Sit down and talk well." He smiled at Shi Tingyi again. "The Crown Princess has been in a restless mood recently. Sometimes she doesn't say anything. What happened just now was just a misunderstanding." Shi Tingyi ignored him and turned around and sat down in the chair opposite Ning. The Crown Princess knew whether the prince meant to calm things down or not. Gandhi stood there and looked at him. Although the other side did not say a word, she had a feeling of being severely humiliated, which made her resentful. Clown He Ning raised his eyebrows, "mean and mean." Her clear voice was a little hoarse, because she was extremely angry. Shi Tingyi turned to look at her and felt distressed. The Crown Princess was shocked. "Reverse, reverse." What are you? How dare you insult me like that? He turned his head to look at the prince, and his eyes became cold. "A coward is shameless." Rao is the prince, at the moment is also frightened, pale three points. Her eyes reminded him of the ghost fire flickering in the grave in the middle of the night, flashing a light that made people feel cold all over their bodies and hairy in their hearts. In fact, she was about to lose control of her emotions and fall into a rage. Why? Just because Nian Rao suspected that she had done the miscarriage? Just because he has such doubts in his heart? No matter the past life or the present life, the things that can make her so angry have always been related to her father who died young. And what does today's matter have to do with Jiang Shixu? The prince did not have an attack because of Ning's denunciation. Instead, he was in a trance and lost himself in thought. "Bo Tao," Shi Tingyi called to the inner room. Xia Botao came out.

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