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Then what they saw was not the reflected scenery, but the concrete wall behind the glass, in front of which there were two more faces, both of which were fat plate faces, with many wrinkles and fat on their faces. But the expression is delicate, the person who looks at it can feel the panic and horror of the other person at a glance. One of them is the face of the landlord. Two people gasp, Wu Yue is good, Miss Cui is desperately to hold back the scream. The sound of the door opening came from behind, and she shook her shoulders and looked back at Zhu Yang in horror. Then I saw the little sister who had just given them directions. It turned out that it was not another tenant who had been missed yesterday or who had come later. The other side's feet are empty!!! Zhu Yang did not pay attention to the other side of the frightened expression, see the landlord couple's face appears, Tut: "Early in the morning looking at things why?"? It doesn't affect appetite. Then he raised his hand and restored the mirror to its original state. At this time, the three players had prepared breakfast. These guys did not know how early they woke up and went outside to buy all the delicious breakfast nearby, both Chinese and Western, and set up a full table in the living room of the villa. Come and have breakfast. Zhu Yangdao. Wu Yue helped Miss Cui quickly, which prevented her from falling down the stairs carelessly. "Don't think too much," he whispered. Miss Cui was a little excited, but she was more afraid. She whispered, "How can I think about this?"? There are ghosts, and the landlord has been killed by these people. It's not that Miss Cui has any feelings for the landlord. In fact, she is eager for the landlord's smelly man who is used to pulling the frame to explode in situ with Zhang. But now things are really beyond her understanding. She asked Wu Yue,tile trim factory, "Don't you have any idea?" Then she looked at Wu Yue, a high school student three years younger than her, with a lifeless despair in her eyes: "Anyway, no matter how bad it is, it can't be worse than it is now." Miss Cui was stunned and reacted that Wu Yue came out with Miss Zhu yesterday. From then on, when I saw him, I felt that he was more angry than usual. Also, the other side is beautiful,stainless steel edge trim, capable and rich, and now he knows evil magic. I can't think about them any more. What else do they have besides a cheap life? What do they have that others don't have? Perhaps there is a person who accompanies him to be frightened, Miss Cui also thought about it in her heart after going downstairs, anyway, it's just a soldier coming to block. With such a heart, Miss Cui grabbed a glass of water at hand and drank it down, and then she had a stomachache after drinking it. Diarrhea and smelly all over, a rub on the body is full of old mud, Miss Cui is sick to death, Mingming took a bath last night. But after desperately washing myself, I look in the mirror and find that my skin and skin problems caused by long-term hard work can only be covered up by makeup at ordinary times, but now I am glowing, and every inch of my face and body is as delicate as a baby. Miss Cui was stunned and walked out of the room like a wandering soul. Looking at Zhu Yang, she rushed over and said, stainless steel tile edging ,tile trim manufacturers, "Boss, do you want to pack the night?" Even if she wants to sell herself today, she will admit it. The female ghost lady disliked her and said, "Go, go. Everything comes first." If the eldest brother had not said that the other party would also be a member of the sorority, she would never have agreed to that worthless appearance just now. Three players can only look at envy, jealousy is afraid, senior big brother's things love to whom to whom, who dare not to kill? It just gets harder and harder to serve. Zhu Yang gave the three men a task: "Teacher Qiu's husband is on XX Street at the moment. You go to find him, and then-" Three people immediately led the order to go out, then Miss Cui to go to class, Zhu Yang let her go to school first, a while to find her. He led Wu Yue to their high school slowly. Wu Yue is still a little worried, after all, there is already a'Wu Yue 'to school in the morning. But from the school gate, along the way, no matter the security guards at the school gate or the teachers and classmates, one by one like blind, turn a blind eye to them, let alone notice that there are two of them. Once again, he saw the horror of Zhu Yang, but now there was no more panic. When Zhu Yang took him to his class, Wu Yue couldn't help asking her, "Are you familiar with this place?" "It's okay," said Zhu Yang. "I came here once. I came here with my boyfriend at that time." Wu Yue was a little surprised, too. What's so strange about such a beautiful person having a boyfriend. But the other side said here, or did not simply tell him what they had in the end. They came to the outside of the classroom of their class, and the spacious window could see the inside of the classroom at a glance. Wu Yue, disguised by Zhu Qian, sat in his seat, at the back of the classroom near the trash can. The school spirit is not very good, otherwise there would not be so many bad students and such serious bullying incidents. The trash can was surrounded by dirty garbage that had not been thrown in. Wu Yue was sitting in that position, because people often deliberately threw garbage on him when they threw it. But today Zhu Qian disguised Wu Yue, although his playing skills are perfect, but in the end is not Wu Yue himself, follow Zhu Yang such a sister to follow suit, how can it be bullied temperament. In the morning, he had already had a conflict with the bad gang. Zhu Yang knew that it would be very difficult for Wu Yue to have a conflict with others, so he simply let Zhu Qian do it for him. After all, some things are not suitable for Wu Yue to do now. The gangster boss who picked up the book last night is a little distracted in class at the moment. Of course, these ignorant guys are normally distracted. However, instead of interfering with classroom discipline as usual, he stared at a book as if he could see a flower on it. After class, two of his younger brothers came over and said, "Boss, did you take the wrong medicine today?"? What book are you reading? He wanted to reach out and pick up the book,aluminum tile edge trim, but when he touched it, he was chopped by a knife and almost pierced his palm. The bad one looked at the gangster boss in disbelief: "Are you crazy?" But the boss of the hoodlum pulled the book over with a faint expression of madness: "Lao Tzu's things, dare to touch and kill you." 。

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