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Laughing in a loud voice, he said, "As soon as the old man heard the roar of vigorous internal force just now, he knew it was you, Lord Shaobao, who had come back." Qilu Sou Xia, Xie Gengxin, and others laughed loudly and said, "It's really hard for Zhao Dongliangshan, Lord of Shaobao." Jiang Tiantao listens, suddenly Leng, suddenly, he thinks this is in the dream. The maids in the huge hall looked out one after another, and the casters on both sides of the hall all looked surprised and bowed their hands respectfully. Stand in silence. Wang Yanling, who was holding the Lord of Jiang Laobao down the steps of the hall, was laughing on her flowery dimples and crying in her glittering phoenix eyes. Water, trembling with excitement, said: "Cousin, come and see uncle..." Jiang Tiantao must be a God, knowing that his identity had been revealed, and in an instant, as if drifting in the sea, he suddenly climbed up one. A big ship, for many years to endure in the heart of the grievance, suddenly turned into a spring of tears. He hurried up a few steps, and the grief-stricken Qi called out to his "father" and immediately knelt down. As soon as Wang Yanling saw it, she couldn't help hiding her face and crying. As soon as Ma Yunshan and others, who were smiling, saw it, they immediately became silent, but there was still a trace of their faces. A strained smile that dilutes the sad atmosphere. With a red face and a long beard as long as silver, the Lord of the old castle of the river looked at him with tears in his eyes. He smiled and sighed with shame,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, "Poor thing!" My child, my father is sorry for you and your dead mother! As soon as Jiang Tiantao turned around, he fell to the ground and cried loudly, sobbing more and more. Jiang Laobaozhu Qinran dropped two teardrops and reached out to hold Jiang Tiantao's left arm. At the same time, he said in a sad voice, "No, my child." Cry, rise, still have a word to ask you for father! Jiang Tiantao, who fell to the ground and wept bitterly, was helped by his father and had to kowtow and stand up. As soon as Ma Yunshan and the others saw this,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, they laughed loudly and said, "Today, the Lord of the Young Castle has a happy reunion with the family of heaven, and he has inherited the old Lord of the Castle again." This is a big happy event in this castle. The banquet in the hall is already ready. Let the humble Lord of the old castle and the Lord of the young castle drink three cups to show their congratulations. Chen. As soon as Lord Jiang heard this, he stroked his beard and burst into laughter. "The old man has been drunk for ten years," he said heroically. "He should be with you today. Brother, enjoy yourself and never stop getting drunk. Ma Yunshan and "Qilu Shuangxia" and others, happy laughter should be good, holding Jiang Laobao Lord and Jiang Tiantao, ascended the steps into In the hall. Wang Yanling, who was holding the Lord of the Old Jiang Castle, also took the opportunity to say, "Uncle, now that my cousin has come back, it should be true." Inform the whole castle at that time, so that all the brothers can know. After waiting for Wang Yanling to finish, Lord Jiang immediately said, "All right, all right. Everyone has a share of the feast tonight." Ma Yunshan, as the general manager, immediately said, "The humble position has already been planned, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,caustic calcined magnesite, and someone has been sent to inform the left and right courtyards." There are two fortresses inside and outside. Lord Jiang said approvingly, "It's up to Brother Ma to decide everything." Entering the huge hall, the lights were brilliant and picturesque, and as expected, several tables of sumptuous banquets had been set up, still in the form of eight characters, but in the middle. There is only one long table, and the rest are divided into two sides. In the midst of laughter, Lord Jiang of the Old Castle sat alone in the middle of the throne. Wang Yanling respectfully accompanied Jiang Laobao at the side of the table. Jiang Tiantao and Ma Yunshan, Qilu Shuangxia, Xiao Li Guang and others were seated in order. A group of maids immediately filled the wine one after another, and Jiang Tiantao's mood calmed down, only then did he realize that Chaotian Nose and Poisonous Lady were not See you. Just waiting for a respectful question, Wang Yanling's personal maid Xiao Cuihua four people, has led a group of maids in the hall, one after another to the river. The old castle owner knelt down to congratulate him. Lord Jiang was overjoyed. He immediately said with a smile, "Hurry up and pay your respects to Lord Jiang!" Little Cuihua and the others turned to bow down again and cheered in unison: "Knock down to see Lord Shaobao!" When Jiang Tiantao saw the elves' little Cuihua, his eyes twinkled, his eyebrows were happy, and his little face was smiling, knowing that they were also right. Happy that his life story had come to light, he bowed slightly in return. Wang Yanling is not only happy for the clarification of Jiang Tiantao's life experience, but also for her lifelong happiness and the coming Happy and excited. At this time see Jiang Tiantao Feng Shen handsome, eyebrows through the heroic spirit, a pair of star eyes, tears are still not all faded, know what he can not say. As soon as her heart moved, she said to Little Cuihua and the others in a clear and melodious voice, "You will all go to the inner courtyard to receive the reward later!" Naughty and mischievous little Narcissus and obstinate and difficult little Cuihua two people, when they bow down and get up, seem to be prepared to go together. "Thank you, young lady!" She shouted in a charming voice. "Thank you, young lady," the rest of the maids shouted respectfully. When Wang Yanling heard this, she could not help blushing and blushing behind her ears. Although she had some dimples, her heart was secretly happy. It is not convenient for the public to scold Xiao Cuihua and others. Jiang Laobao Lord already laughed happily, the tiger looked at the handsome son with a reddish face, and reached out to raise the cup. He smiled excitedly at Ma Yunshan and Qilu Shuangxia and said, "Brother, please drink this cup." Ma Yunshan and other people have a cup, at the same time. Respectfully cheers: "The low rank should respect the old castle Lord and the young castle Lord first." Then he drank it down and laughed according to the cup. At that moment, there was a disorderly noise of joy outside the hall. Jiang Tiantao followed the sound and saw that no less than two hundred men and women, old and young, were laughing and their eyes were shining. Like the tide, it came to the front of the hall. I saw a guard hall outside the blue clothes fort, hurried into the shop door, facing the old heroes of Jiang, holding a knife bow, loud voice. The report said, "I would like to report to the Lord of the Old Castle that the members of the two courtyards of the Outer Castle, the brothers, the old and the young, and their families, have come together to congratulate the Lord of the Old Castle." Jiang Laobao Lord was very happy. He laughed and shouted happily, "Let them all come in." As soon as the voice fell, a crowd of people poured into the hall door, knelt down one after another, and shouted in unison: "Congratulations to the old castle owner!" The old castle owner humbly stood up from his chair, folded his fists and thanked him with laughter. Jiang Tiantao, Wang Yanling, and Ma Yunshan also stood up one after another. Jiang Tiantao was excited and smiling. Return the salute again and again. Then, outside the hall, there was a sound of warblers and swallows, and the voices of women and old women, maids, servants and old guards in the inner castle. The brooms are here, too. Laughter in the hall rose and fell one after another, and the sound of congratulations continued to ring,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, scrambling before and after, you pushed him, and everyone scrambled to see the poison. Lady left the elegant demeanor of the young castle owner on the beehive.

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