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 Tárgy:Dressed as the sister of Aidou Duijia..  
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Lu Anan: ".." She nodded her head gently. Sheng Heng looked at her to express obvious emotions, just want to continue to speak, Lin Zhihuai then took away the right to speak. With a smile on her face, she looked at Lu Anan with a smile and said, "Teacher Sheng is right. You should practice more. This is a talent show, not a face show." With a smile in her eyes, she continued to preach: "Your performance just now is too different from that of other members of the same group." Then she looked at Chang Qian: "Does she train much?" Chang Qian was stupefied, and everyone recognized Lin Zhihuai's remarks. Everyone looked at each other, and before they could figure out how to answer, Sheng Heng's voice came out. Sheng Heng looked at the expressionless man and thought it was quite interesting. I was not convinced, but I didn't say anything. He lifted his eyelids and said in a low voice, "It's not that you haven't performed enough." He looked at Lu Anan: "Just singing and dancing are good, but your expression." What's wrong The voice fell, and the smile on Lin Zhihuai's face froze. The rest of the students were all stunned. Gu Bai was the first to react. He laughed, nodded and said, "Teacher Sheng is right. What's wrong with your expression?" He said, "The idol is going to open, and you didn't do a good job of expression management just now.". That's the point. Practice more in front of the mirror in the future. Sheng Heng paused for a moment and added, "I just sang and danced well, and I made great progress." Lu Anan:.. OK. Thank you, Mr. Sheng. Her lips could not help turning up,calcium ammonium nitrate price, glancing at Lin Zhihuai's expression, and feeling even more that she had won the lottery. Her love beans are really the most protective! Insert a bookmark The author has something to say: Sheng · Aidou · Heng: No one can bully my fans. Lin Zhihuai:..?? Ann: Hee Hee Hee. Brother: quickly arrange for me to enter! My sister is going to be cheated! Our teacher Sheng is going to give individual (not) guidance to the little fans. What happened. Almost fifty thousand words! It's going to be fat soon! Babies, be more enthusiastic! Today is to protect the short love beans! What is tomorrow? See you tomorrow! Two hundred red envelopes ~ ~ ~ Thanks to the little angel who voted for me during 2019-11-23 20:52:41 ~ 2019-11-24 20:34:53 ~ Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine: Yushuo's heart baby 3; Thanks to the little angels who irrigate the nutrient solution: Zihuan, Ciwen Baby 10 bottles; Vicky, Future 1 bottle; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 13 love beans or brother. For a long time, although Sheng Heng is cold, he is a famous male star in the circle. Lu Anan remembered very clearly that there was an event before, fans were bullied by bodyguards or partners, Sheng Heng also helped pressure back, partners also apologized to those fans for compensation. Fans and love beans, Magnesium Oxide price ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, really not just like and be liked. It's not unrequited love. Like Sheng Heng, he can not get other returns, but he will not let you feel that it is unrequited love. He will try his best to prepare gifts for his fans and defend them when they are bullied. This is why over the years, Sheng Heng's true love fans have become more and more. The more you get to know this man, the more you will like him. After the comments, Gu Bai will go to the next group. As soon as the teacher left, several people in the training room looked at each other and suddenly laughed out loud. But after all, they were mentors, and they did not dare to talk about it. They just smiled and stopped. By the end of the training, Lu Anan and his party were just about to leave when Sheng Heng and Gu Bai reappeared at the door. Hello, teacher. Gu Bai nodded. "Are you going to dinner?" “…… Almost, go back to rest and eat. Chang Qian looked: "Is the teacher looking for us?" Gu Bai looked back: "We did not-" the words have not finished, was interrupted. Have Sheng Heng glanced at Lu Anan and said directly, "Are you going to rest?" Lu Anan later shook his head: "No, no, no." Love beans have come to find themselves, rest what ah rest! She can work for another five hundred years! Sheng Heng nodded. Gu Bai also reacted and explained to several other people with a smile: "Your teacher Sheng promised Lu's special guidance on that song. Let's go first." People: ".." OK In the first performance, Lu Anan really sang the song of Sheng Heng. Lin Zhihuai bit his lip and looked at Sheng Heng. "Why don't I look around too?"? Learn by the way. Sheng Heng collected his eyes and asked, "Are you sure Mr. Lin wants to be with the students?" He left a trace of kindness, not too direct, but not very gentle. Lin Zhihuai's face was a little embarrassed. Just as he was about to speak, Gu Bai said with a smile, "Teacher Lin will accompany us to dinner. By the way, he will also open a small kitchen for these people." Someone gave Lin Zhihuai a step down, and Lin Zhihuai was not a fool. OK When they left, Lu Anan was still standing in a daze at the door. Sheng Heng pushed the door open and went in. He looked back at the little fan standing in a daze and shouted, "Why don't you come in?" Lu Anan's eyes sparkled, excited and excited. But there are cameras next to her, and there are photographers who follow her, and she can't be too obvious. After that, all these things will be edited and broadcast, so if you look carefully, you will find that her face is flushed, not because of shyness or other reasons. Pure red. Sheng Heng casually took a look and withdrew his eyes. His lips pulled up subconsciously. Lu Anan was carrying out all kinds of ideological activities in his heart, but he didn't notice it. It was the photographer on one side who found this key point and gave Sheng Heng a close-up shot. The training room was very big, and they found a corner to sit down. Sheng Heng said that guidance is really guidance. He first taught Lu Anan to open his voice,Magnesium Oxide price, and then the notes of the song. Lu Anan listened carefully. This is a rare opportunity. She is the kind of character who wants to do her best, so even if she doesn't like to participate in this kind of program, she will try her best to do her best.

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