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Du Fengchen took a few steps closer. Father Mo often nestled in the corner of the Tang family, holding the photo and talking to himself, as if he were really talking. Although you live in Japan, Father Mo often thinks of'you 'and never forgets it. His mellow male voice reminds Anxian of strong sake, which has just been warmed from the hot spring, accompanied by the unique aroma of the hot spring, which makes people intoxicated.. "He talks about me a lot?" This sentence is to ask to Du Fengchen, an Xian always want to find out, to see how much his father mentioned to him about his own situation, in order to arrange the next three months to deal with. Hardly. Du Fengchen put his hands into his pockets and sat happily on the edge of the table, looking down at "An Xian". Thunder then answered. Over the years, he just took out the yellowing photo and flew to Japan once a month to report for duty. Besides, he never mentioned anything about you to us. I only knew that he had relatives in Japan. We didn't know you existed until he called that day and asked us to take care of you for a while. Several of them have been colleagues and friends for many years, and they all know the Japanese complex of Father Mo. An Xian nodded. She understood that the Tang family, where her father worked, had amazing wealth and power, but there was a terrible crisis lurking. Based on the position of protecting his family, Mo Yedi became reserved for outsiders and would not easily mention his family. Moreover, although the male master of the Tang family seldom touches women,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, several senior cadres are old hands in the women's pile, or if it is not necessary, he does not want his daughter to have contact with these female public enemies. In addition, the boss also mentioned that he wanted to meet you. Said the merchant slowly. Tang Bayu? What does he want to see me for? An Xian blinked in surprise. Why did the man whose fame had spread so far that even the Japanese business circles were fond of talking about him, who was mysterious and cold, and whose power in his hands was astonishing, make time to see her, a small person? Is Dad's status in the Tang family really that high? "Maybe it's just concern. Father Mo has been in the Tang family for many years,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, but he refuses to let you show up. Many people in the Tang family are curious about you, including Tang Xin. She insists on seeing you." Remembering the wayward girl of the Tang family, the men all had a bitter face. In Tang's family, Tang Xin is a typical bully, and few people can control her. On weekdays, the confrontation between the housekeeper and Tang Xin was constantly staged, and it seemed that Tang Xin was going to vent his anger on Father Mo's son. The boss wants to summon me, probably not just care about it? Du Fengchen said mockingly, and the undisciplined look in his eyes faded and was replaced by a dangerous light. An Xian was somewhat shocked, and it was hard to imagine that he, who looked undisciplined, would have such an expression? It's as if it can remove any obstacle in front of it. To become one of the senior cadres of "Taiwei Group", Du Fengchen is obviously not an ordinary man. However, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, what kind of dangerous charm will such a man with an undisciplined appearance exude when he really meets a crisis? Found himself cranky, confused thoughts went wrong, always put his mind on the man with mocking eyes, Mo Anxian secretly bit his lip, let a little pain make himself sober, and secretly warned himself: Mo Anxian, what on earth are you thinking about? He's your opponent for the next three months, and if he sees a flaw, your theatrical career will be ruined. How come when it comes to the crunch, you're still like a silly girl who hasn't seen a man, and your heart is always tied to him? The men did not pay attention to Anxian's expression, continued to discuss, the expression is very serious, even the snow painting did not dare to interrupt. There are some problems in Tai Wei. The boss wants to discuss with us and ask you to investigate. Because of this incident, it affected his honeymoon and forced him to rush back from Europe. He was in a very bad mood. Thunder said indifferently, and it was hard to find that there was a tone of schadenfreude in his tone. Knowing that the situation must be urgent, otherwise Tang Bayu would not have left his honeymoon and returned to Taiwan to deal with it. These days, "Tai Wei" has some internal problems, Tang Bayu has previously asked Du Fengchen to investigate, he found a lot of clues. The other side seems to have been unable to hold back, intending to break ground on the head of Tai Sui, several senior cadres of course can not sit idly by, all were recalled to the Tang family for a meeting. In a few days, I will find a chance to take Anxian back to the Tang family. Du Fengchen answered, turning to look at "An Xian." The situation can't be delayed. The boss wants you to take all the information to Tang's house. You know the limits. Business wind finished, turned and thunder out of the credit agency, can not stand the narrow space of the warehouse, two people anxious to go out to breathe. Du Fengchen casually waved goodbye to his friend, and his eyes returned to "Mo Anxian". The teenager was too introverted to show any emotional fluctuations on his face, like a doll wearing a glass mask all the time, hiding his emotions carefully. As far as he could remember, the Yamato people were originally polite but hypocritical. On the surface, they were very beautiful, bowing and bowing, but in private, their thoughts were more meticulous. Father Mo's beautiful young son is probably also infected with Japanese habits, distant but polite. He was flattered by the thought that his last night's "cleansing party" would cut a hole in the other person's mask; he was not interested in distant, polite and hypocritical responses, and to work well together, he must have the most authentic response. Du Fengchen secretly decided to train the little Japanese pirates well. Don't put on a bitter face. It's not a bad thing that the boss cares about you. He wants'you 'to be familiar with the environment in Taiwan, and perhaps he is planning to keep'you' to work in the Tang family. After all, 'you' still have the nationality of the Republic of China, and you are still a Taiwanese. You can't always stay in Japan and think you are a small Japanese pirate all your life. He said, reaching out to rub "his" hair,stainless steel welded pipe, but was quickly dodged. He narrowed his eyes and looked at "him" critically, as if thoughtfully. You are too much in charge. An Xian did not notice Du Fengchen's eyes, but raised her eyebrows.

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