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"Don't move.". I've been hungry for two days, and my stomach can't stand it. Rub it a little more comfortable. Zhan Yi's hand strength is already big, and now say so, Enron naturally does not move. She is like a well-fed kitten, whose belly is touched by her master. Enron suddenly felt that such a day was simply too beautiful. If you can do this with Zhan Yi every day, it's actually pretty good. Uncle, where did you go the other day? Enron looked at Zhan Yi's side face and opened his mouth gently. Zhan Yi paused and said in a low voice, "I went to a military meeting. I was too anxious to tell you when I left. I'm sorry." "I don't blame you, I just want to know how many more days you can be with me." Enron's voice was tinged with sadness. She always remembered what Shen Yi said at the exhibition house that day. Zhan Yi must have any task to participate in, is likely to leave a city at any time. Enron felt more and more dependent on Zhan Yi, and she really wanted to be with Zhan Yi every day. It has nothing to do with love, just a kind of dependence, a kind of closeness to warmth. Zhan Yi's hand stopped again. He has been avoiding this topic, but today Enron took the initiative to mention it. Withdrawing his hand, he gently took Enron in his arms and whispered, "I promise to take care of everything for you when I leave.". Don't worry. "Can I call you when I miss you when you leave?" Enron raised his head, and the expectant eyes deeply hurt Zhan Yi's eyes. For the first time, he didn't have the heart to tell Enron the answer. Chapter 63 what's wrong with her teaching you a lesson for me? After Enron asked,304 Stainless Steel Wire, he felt a little silly. Forget it, you think I didn't ask for anything. Enron smiled. But there was a little more loneliness in that smile. Zhan Yi held her tightly in his arms. The guilt in my heart can't be expressed in words. By the way, I also want to ask you. Why do you want to sign up for the army? Zhan Yi had to change the subject. Anran hesitated for a moment and then said, "I want to know what kind of person my mother used to be. It's a pity that this matter will become a stain on me.". Am I completely out of touch with the barracks? Zhan Yi facing Enron that pair of lost eyes, the heart is not too good. I asked Xiaoxia to do it, and you should have a good rest these two days. Don't worry about anything. Leave everything to me. Is that all right? "Mmm." Enron nodded his head. I want to see Zhang Ma. "Good!" Enron and Zhan Yi chat for a while, Zhan Yi because the base has left in advance. He is not at ease with Enron. Let Ji Fei come and accompany. Enron felt like a child worrying him. Ji Fei has her own life. Don't bother her. I'm fine. It's not as fragile as you think. You have something to do. "Really don't you need Ji Fei to come over?" Zhan Yi is still a little worried. He always felt ashamed of Enron because he couldn't accompany him at work. Especially after Enron experienced such a life and death, he dared not leave at will. Enron seemed to be able to understand his worries and said with a smile, "I'm really fine.". Don't worry. Besides. This is a military hospital. Do you think ordinary people can come here? This sentence is a reminder to Zhan Yi. That's true. All right, I'll go back to the base first. Come and see you in the evening. "Good!" Enron cleverly promised, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,brushed stainless steel sheet, but suddenly felt Zhan Yi's body leaning forward. The unique breath came to my face in an instant. She was slightly stupefied, and her heart stopped involuntarily. Zhan Yi kissed her on the forehead and rubbed her head. Leave Finish. He turned and left. But Enron seemed to be fixed. Zhan Yi would have done the same thing to her before. But she never thought much about it. Since he had a relationship with Zhan Yi, every time he touched him, Enron felt different from the past. It seemed that her heart was no longer as calm as it had been before. Looking at the back of Zhan Yi's departure, she had a little more concern. For fear that Enron was stuffy in the hospital, Zhan Yi asked the servant to buy some novels for Enron and send them over. Enron looked at the book on the table and smiled involuntarily. Don't you know that Chief Zhan has a mobile phone now? Mobile phones can not only read books, but also watch movies. Enron sometimes really feels that he and Zhan Yi are not people of the same era. For Zhanyi, modern high-tech products seem to be just a communication tool. She has never seen Zhan Yi play wechat, micro-blog or anything else, let alone anything else. The servant seemed to know that Enron was going to say so. He said with a smile, "Chief Zhan said that the mobile phone hurts your eyes. Let you read more physical books." Enron suddenly stopped talking. Thank you, Chief Zhan, for me. "It should be.". Then I'll go first. After the orderly left, Enron picked up a book, Cangyue's Mirror Series. She has read this book on her mobile phone, but she really hasn't experienced the feeling of a physical book. Anyway, there is nothing to do, want to see Zhang Ma, but also afraid to meet an Minghui, or have time to go with Zhan Yi. Enron picked up the book and read it. In the middle of it, there was a knock on the door. Enron thought it was someone sent by Zhan Yi, or a little nurse to change the dressing or something, so he didn't look up, but whispered, "Come in!" The door was opened, Enron still did not look up, just immersed in the sea of books. It was not until a pair of big hands took away her book that she looked up slightly, but was slapped by the oncoming face. You son of a bitch! What did I do in my last life to have a daughter like you to collect debts in this life? An Minghui was so angry that he trembled all over, and when he slapped him, his whole arm was numb. Enron's ears were buzzing when she hit him, and his face was burning and swollen in an instant. She raised her head stubbornly and looked at the father she had done,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and her heart was indescribably cold. Mayor Ann, how did I offend you? Enron even changed his name this time. During the two days and one night when she was detained in the detention center, her dearest people in the world ignored her life and death.

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