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Sean S. Grimes
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After saying a few more words, Mrs. Shen sighed, "People all say that the water poured out by married daughters. I look at it. When you get married, it makes me miss you even more." Shuxiang was moved and said, "Grandmother, take good care of yourself. We'll be fine." Old Mrs. Shen said, "Don't comfort me. Your fifth sister came back a few days ago. I don't think she's having a good time either.". About the Song family at the beginning. Well, if I had said a few more words, I probably wouldn't be here today. Shuxiang frowned slightly and said, "Grandmother, isn't it always good for the fifth sister to marry into the Song family?"? Did something happen? Old Mrs. Shen sighed and said, "I said early in the morning that I couldn't marry the merchant's family. Who knew that your mother didn't even discuss it with me, so she gave Yanxiang to the Song family.". Who is the Song family? Businessmen forget righteousness at the sight of profit. From the very beginning, I didn't think it was a good thing for their family to marry us. The Song family was just hoping to marry the official family. These times, Yanxiang could not speak in front of your father, and gradually all the bad words came out. Yan Xiang came to me and didn't dare to say anything. I asked a few words, and she almost cried. I couldn't ask any more questions, so I had to let her go. Shuxiang listened to these words and lowered his head. Chapter 146 jealousy (4). Old Mrs. Shen was still talking about Yan Xiang:. The day she got married was not going well. It had only been more than half a year since she got married, and her husband's family had become so snobbish. How could she live in the future? Your second aunt is also a person who is not in charge and can't speak, and she can't help her at all. Besides, even if it can help,touch screen interactive whiteboard, what can it help? You know what kind of temper your father has. If he could listen to the words, he would not have been out for so many years. I think this time, the Song family has miscalculated. "Don't be angry, Grandmother," said Shuxiang. "The fifth sister is also a wise person. Naturally, she understands these principles. When she married, the fifth sister herself was willing. Besides,smart boards for conference rooms, how can a young couple not quarrel? It's probably because the fifth sister is so angry that she cries. Maybe by this time the fifth sister and the fifth brother-in-law have recovered, and the grandmother is still here to worry about. A few words made Mrs. Shen laugh: "Your mouth is so obedient.". What you said is also true, Yan Xiang always hangs everything on her face, probably when she went out, she quarreled a few words, and went back to her mother's home with anger. Old Mrs. Shen talked about Hua Xiang again. Your mother is really not willing to listen to a word of advice, our family's good young lady, why should give others to do the steproom? Jiang Bianxiu is also a bookworm. As soon as I saw him, I knew he couldn't control Hua Xiang. When Hua Xiang came back these two times, she didn't talk to me very much. She went straight to your mother, but she was more and more like Yu Xiang. She didn't know what to say in the room all day long. But I heard from the maid in your mother's room that Hua Xiang's life is not very good. The two children of the Chiang family, one more mischievous than the other, made trouble for Hua Xiang all day long. Hua Xiang was so angry that she beat him twice. Instead, she became known as a stepmother who abused her children. I heard that even the head of the Chiang family was alarmed. Alas, this Huaxiang has married out, 65 inch smart board ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, how can her temper not be restrained at all? When Shuxiang heard this, he didn't know what to say for a moment. Married in the past only one or two months, unexpectedly beat the first wife's children. Hua Xiang, after all, is also born in a big family, how can he use force on his children. Old Mrs. Shen kept sighing, "Hua Xiang has really lost the face of the Shen family.". Shuxiang said softly, "Second Sister is still too young. Maybe she will be better later." Speaking out, Shuxiang himself felt pale and powerless. Apart from Yuxiang, Huaxiang is the oldest of the young ladies in the Shen family. If it is because of youth, how other young ladies have not done such a thing. Shuxiang added, "The second elder sister has that temper. As soon as she got married, she became the mother of two children. Naturally, there are times when she can't bear it." Old Mrs. Shen also felt that the topic of Hua Xiang was too heavy, so she changed the subject: "Why have you been married for half a year, and there is no movement on your body?" Shuxiang's face was suddenly boiling hot, and he lowered his head and twisted his clothes in silence. Old Mrs. Shen said with a smile, "They're all married daughters-in-law. Why are they still so shy?" "How is the Marquis treating you?" He asked in a low voice. The fragrance of books slightly raises the corners of the mouth. It took a long time to nod gently. Mrs. Shen patted her hand, as if to comfort her: "You are still young, these things are not urgent, as long as the Marquis is good to you." The fragrance of books blushes, but the bottom of my heart is filled with a trace of sweetness. In the evening, Jinse served the fragrance of books. "Not to mention the old lady," he said with a smile, "we are also murmuring in our hearts." Shuxiang looked at Jinse doubtfully. "What did you say?" Jinse chuckled, looked outside, and said in a low voice, "… …" In the daytime, didn't the old lady ask why there was no movement on the second young lady? We also said in private. Why are the Marquis and the second young lady so good. Without waiting for Jinse to finish, Shuxiang said angrily, "Even I dare to make fun of your hooves." Jinse no longer spoke. The smile on his face is getting stronger and stronger. Shuxiang looked back and saw that Jinse couldn't help laughing, and she couldn't help being shy. He threw away the wooden comb in his hand and said, "You are getting more and more narrow-minded. Be careful that I will tell you a narrow-minded mother-in-law later and let you suffer all day long." Jinse laughed and said, "I don't know who's going to get it." After laughing, he said, "By the way, what's Mrs. Ershao going to do about Qingyan?" Shuxiang thought about it and said, "Pick a day to celebrate the New Year and do it after the New Year.". You help her get ready, too. Jinse agreed and went out with the basin. Just went out, but almost ran into a person, Jinse was startled, busy sideways, fortunately the water in the basin did not pour on that person. Jinse looked up, but unexpectedly it was Xiangzhu. When Jinse saw that it was her, the smile on her face faded and she said, "What are you doing standing here sneakily at night?" Xiangzhu dusted himself and said disdainfully,smart board whiteboard, "It's just that I came to the door. Who's sneaking around?" Jinse snorted coldly, ignored her, and turned away. Xiangzhu remembered what he had just said and went back to his room.

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