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It was not until later that she learned that that night was the critical moment for her sister to attack the third layer of Qi refining. She wielded her sword at night and quarreled with her sister, so her father would come. She thought it was because she didn't breathe into her body that her father didn't come to see her. She wondered if her father would look at her more as long as she breathed into her body? Not daring to look for her father, she could only go to Lingxiufeng's elder brothers and sisters, but every elder brother and sister who taught her would sigh at her, "It's a pity that the daughter of Elder Ning has no sword bone, and she has at most one foundation in her life." At that time, she asked innocently, "What is a sword bone?" The brothers and sisters told her, "With the sword bone, you can practice the sword very quickly and better than others." Little, she didn't think it was a big deal without a sword bone. If she didn't practice well, she would practice more. After introducing air into her body many times, Ning Qing finally succeeded. She was as happy as a little bird. She jumped up and down and ran to her father with joy. Coincidentally, in the courtyard, my father was teaching my younger sister to practice swordsmanship hand in hand. He was patient and meticulous, with a loving smile that she had never seen before on her always dignified face. She stood aside with a longing look on her face. She summoned up her courage and said to her father, "I also want to learn swordsmanship. Can my father teach me?" "How can you learn a sword? Without a sword bone, you can't practice a sword well in your life." The smile on his father's face was immediately withdrawn, and it was the majestic face facing her again. Sister Ning Wan was standing beside her father, dressed in a pink brocade dress, with a circle of plush fox hair rolling around her collar,smartboard for business, a lovely oval face lined with jade snow, a string of necklaces hanging around her neck, and a pair of black eyes looking at her curiously. Looking at the mud spots on her shoes and the plain shirt, she felt a kind of shame under such eyes and lowered her head unconsciously. Father, my sister looks as if she feels very cold. Little Ning Wan opened her mouth to one side. Don't worry about anything else. Have you learned the sword moves your father just taught you? Father Ning finished and touched Ning Wan's ball head. Yes, I've learned it. I'll practice it for my father. Ning Wan finished, with a proud face holding the sword, according to the way Ning's father taught,touch screen whiteboard, waving the wooden sword one by one. Father Ning looked at his face carefully, and if there was anything wrong, he quickly put forward that Ning Qing stood aside and was completely ignored. At the end of winter and the beginning of spring, Ning Qing suddenly shivered, feeling that the wind was even colder than the cold north wind in the cold winter months, like a knife blowing into people's hearts. The author has something to say: [Author] What would happen if a pie fell from the sky and we suddenly became princesses? (o??)o []~( ̄ ̄)~ Chapter 20 Ning Qing silently returned to his small courtyard. From then on, she practiced hard in the courtyard every day, hoping that one day her father would see that she could practice the sword well without the sword bone. When people are young, they will not believe a word of what others say about fate, just like Ning Qing when she was young. In her opinion, she can still draw and wield a sword without a sword bone. She must prove to her father and others that she can be the best swordsman without a sword bone. Finally, she waited for this opportunity, once every five years, she went all the way, feeling the approving eyes of the people around her, smart interactive whiteboard ,interactive boards for classrooms, her heart was delighted, because her efforts were finally recognized. In the last round, coincidentally, the opponent happened to be Ning Wan. She hid her excitement with a calm face, but her hand holding the sword trembled unconsciously, because she had waited too long for this day. She only imagined that her father proved that she was no worse than others without a sword bone. But sometimes, the truth is not what you think, yes, you are very hard, very hard to do a thing, but the results are not satisfactory. This time, Ning Qing was defeated. In front of thousands of classmates, she was defeated. Everyone's eyes seemed to say: "Look, there is no sword bone, but there is no comparison." Ning Qing lying on the ground, has no strength to stand up, she can only force the eyes wide open, remember the expression on everyone's face. Father is proud and happy, but the object is not her. The younger sister held her head high, wearing a delicate smoke-cage gauze dress, as proud as when she first saw her. The friar, who had just been full of hope because of her brilliant behavior, also had no sword bone, suddenly looked dim, just like a man who fell into the bottom of a well. You pulled him to the mouth of the well, but suddenly let go and let him fall to the bottom of the well again. This is the first time that Ning Qing realized the difference between having a sword bone and not having one. The same is to practice the sword, she may have just learned the moves, but others have been able to do the spirit. But is she willing? Nope! She's not reconciled! Because there is no sword bone, she will be abandoned? Because there is no sword bone, she should be reduced to contempt? Is she a piece of garbage because she doesn't have a sword bone? With what? She just wants to ask God why? The wind was strong, the clear sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds, and soon raindrops as big as beans fell down. The raindrops hit Ning Qing's face, but she didn't feel anything at all, as if she had fallen into a magic spell. Are you unwilling? Ning Qing's ear suddenly heard a deep and seductive voice. Who "Someone who can make your wish come true." The voice was still in my ears, and Ning Qing was sure that he had not misheard it. Fulfill a wish? "Yes, as long as you agree, I can help you defeat Ning Wan." The deep voice seduces infinitely, as if he could see the beautiful blueprint he described. Oh? What price do I have to pay? "Give me your consciousness, and you can realize your wish." The voice was not slow, but slowly induced. What if I don't want to? "Don't you want to defeat Ning Wan?" The voice is a little high, seems to be emphasized, once again: "You just give me consciousness, you can defeat Ning Wan." Heh! Ning Qing sneers, "after I give you my consciousness, am I still me?" "I am you, you are me." "Yes, I want to defeat Ning Wan,interactive whiteboard for schools, but what I want is to rely on the sword in my hand to really defeat her, not rely on others to help me achieve, so step down!" The last three words were uttered in a low voice.

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