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 Tárgy:They said the young martial uncle was possessed by the devil...  
Mario L. Davidson
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The frequency of contact between their brothers and sisters can basically be calculated in a hundred years. Qi yuan did not know what had happened to his sister recently. He was stunned when he heard this: "What did you say?"? What's wrong with dominating her? "I don't know. Chao Feng said she was badly hurt." The dragon still looks like a child, and his speech is not as clear as that of an adult. "So you have to get better and go to see her. She must miss you very much." Qi yuan's face changed several times, and finally he opened his mouth, biting his sharp and sharp teeth on the wrist. ———— The water mirror spread heavily, and when the blade crossed, it cut into the water, rippling round and round. The mirror array is an illusion array, but this mirror array does not seem to be so. The mirrors were arranged neatly, as if they had not started, and honestly reflected countless matchless faces of Yi. Yi Wushuang suddenly remembered that when he was very young, he strayed into a mirror array that had not yet been completed in the Yi family. It was also like this. He stood in the midst of countless opposite mirrors, looking at himself on those mirrors, normal or distorted, at a loss. He kept walking through it, and when he was almost exhausted and fell to the ground, he saw one of the reflections move. When he was still young, he shrank back in fear, but the reflection only took his hand: "matchless, how did you come here?" "Sister?" Yi Wushuang was in a daze, and then he realized that it was Yin Zi who had come to him. By the way, at that time, their brother and sister always wore the same clothes and dressed exactly the same. Yi Wushuang withdrew his boundless thoughts, closed his eyes and stopped looking at the mirror. The water mirror was on and off, trying to block his way. Strangely enough, it never turned into an illusion, but just slowed down like an ordinary maze. Yi Wushuang was a little confused, constantly calculating the change of direction of the whole array in his mind, moving forward step by step, and before long,x70 line pipe, a sense of dizziness came up in bursts. It is not a particularly unexpected thing. Of course, the array of delaying time should be matched with the poison that needs time to attack. Yi Wushuang runs Reiki against foreign toxins, which are not just inhaled through the nose, but more troublesome toxic mists that seep through the skin. But the poison itself is not difficult to deal with, with the operation of Reiki, the invasion of the poisonous fog has slowed down, and gradually began to be forced out of the body. On the ground, Rong Ping'er also looked at the array of the water mirror with some confusion, but found that the illusion of the water mirror had already started-strange, so is Yi Wushuang's most feared thing now, a pile of mirrors reflecting him? Or is he born with a particularly high resistance to the magic array? Even if there is no mirror illusion, the mirror array is one of the most difficult to walk in the trap array. The direction of progress and everything to judge the direction are misled by the small deviation of the mirror. In addition, there are numerous paths reflected in the mirror layer upon layer. Even though Yi Wushuang is very familiar with this array, it takes a while to finally come to an end. The poisonous fog did not disperse. Yi Wushuang held the front and realized that there was something else in the poisonous fog. Downward means. Yi Wushuang could not hold back, uns c70600 ,316l stainless steel pipe, cursed in a low voice, and then pushed open the last door. Behind the door, he caught sight of a young girl, lying quietly on the stone slab. Her eyes were tightly closed, her clothes were messy, and she looked like this on purpose. With a sudden step, he raised his eyebrows and looked around the room subconsciously, trying to find the formation that was watching him. The other side's mind is really too obvious, no matter what he did or did not do today, the other side must through some means to make this matter in people's mouth, make the outside city storm so that he no longer have a place to stand. As he looked up, however, he suddenly saw something else. From the reflection of the water mirror, Rong Ping'er clearly saw the blood in Yi Wushuang's eyes exuberant. She raised the corners of her mouth and looked at the man in the water mirror who suddenly lowered his head and hugged his head hard, as if trying to suppress something that almost broke out of the body. Rong Pinger reached out and twirled a cherry, held it in her mouth with her bright red lips, then turned her head sideways and looked into the mirror. On this side of the head of the time, easy to move in pairs. Instead of moving forward, he took a step back, still holding his head painfully trying to restrain himself, and this time Rong finally saw the look on his face. Painful, twisted, trying to suppress something, even if it is undoubtedly distorted and ferocious after excessive shock. Rong Ping'er chuckled contentedly, and just as she was about to twist a cherry, she suddenly stopped. In the dim light, she noticed a faint black smell rising from the young white to the almost bloodless skin. Rong Ping'er never expected to see such a situation. The cherry in her mouth almost fell down, and she watched in silence as the evil spirit went from nothingness to tangibility, and then stirred up layer by layer from the body of the teenager in the Chamber of Secrets. Wait, this guy, Yi Wushuang, was so scared to see his sister lying in front of him? Rong Ping'er frowned and more carefully controlled the water mirror in front of him. Just as he was about to try to intervene in the situation in the magic gas interference array, he saw Yi Wushuang in the mirror drop his hand as if he had finally given up resistance. The blood gathered in his eyes, almost not like human hoarseness. The chant escaped from his throat. 。 Then, at last, he went forward. Rong Ping'er breathed a sigh of relief, sat back in his chair, raised the corners of his mouth, and watched Yi Wushuang step by step to the bed. Then, without squinting, he crossed the puppet of Yin Zi lying on the bed, continued to walk forward, and finally stopped in front of the stone slab on the other side. To be more precise, he stopped in front of the half plate of Jasper pear cream that Ling Shao had put there before he finished eating, and then reached out and grabbed one of them. He seemed to care more about such a stack of snacks than his sister. After a silence that made Rong feel unable to think, Yi Wushuang's magic gas, which had stabilized all over his body,316ti stainless steel, suddenly soared, like a whirlpool rushing towards everything around him, and suddenly lifted the remaining Jasper pear flower cream.

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