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 Tárgy:Legend of Chinese Heroes-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise..  
Mario L. Davidson
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"That's very good," said Yin and Yang Jian. "I'd like to count how many hard bones you have, you local hoodlum." Zhao Yijue smiled and said, "You can kill me, Lao Zhao, but you can't take out the words of someone named Zhao." Yin Yang Jian said, "Within three strokes, you will die under a mere sword." Step to Zhao Yijue came over. As soon as Zhao Yijue waved his seven-star sword, he raised a piece of cold awn and said, "Wait a minute!" Yin Yang Jian said, "If you can tell me the master of this room, maybe I can give you a good time." Zhao Yijue said, "You can't take the life of someone like me in three strokes?" Yin Yang Jian smiled faintly and said, "Ah!"! You want to play tricks? Zhao Yijue said, "I don't believe that three strokes can take the life of someone in Zhao." "Good," said Yin Yang Jian! Within three strokes, if I can't take your life, I'll turn around and leave. "A word from my husband," said Zhao Yijue. Yin Yang Jian said, "a quick whip.". Be careful! Left hand long sword a probe, point to Zhao Yijue's chest. As soon as Zhao Yijue waved his seven-star sword, he lifted it up obliquely and cut it off with a long horizontal sword. The Yin and Yang Sword seemed to be very afraid of the room sword in Zhao Yijue's hand, and the long sword hurried to the side. Suddenly, the sword sank and turned from the outer door to the inner palace. The sword forced Zhao Yijue to hold the sword in his hand, but the short sword in his right hand stabbed Zhao Yijue in the chest with lightning speed. This recruit of change, with the fast, not only Zhao Yijue shock unceasingly, feel already finished,Inflatable water obstacle course, is watching Zhang Lan, Li Wentian, Diao Pei, also feel unable to rescue, even if three people regardless of life and death straight up, also can't save Zhao Yijue life, can't help but shout with one voice, see Yin and Yang sword right hand dagger, will stab Zhao Yijou's chest, Yin and Yang sword right hand but suddenly a meal, Five fingers loose,Inflatable indoor park, the sword in the hand, suddenly fell to the ground. Zhao Yijue took back the Seven Star Sword. He smiled and said, "Your swordsmanship is very good, but Chao Po-tao has a big life. How many moves should you make with your two swords?" Yin and Yang sword seems to be greatly shocked, the heart has been thinking hard in the hands of the sword, why will suddenly fall to the ground. At this moment, if you suddenly attack him with a sword, you will be able to hurt the other side under the sword. But Wan Huajian, who was standing outside the hall, said in a loud voice, "Brother Tan, what's the matter?" Yin Yang Jian suddenly thought of his right arm. He moved it and said, "It's very strange." With a long sword in his left hand, he picked up the dagger on the ground, grasped it again, and said coldly, "Zhao Yijue, what hidden weapon do you use?" Zhao Yijue was stunned at first, then laughed and said, inflatable bounce house with slide ,Inflatable bouncer, "The secret must not be revealed." The Yin and Yang Sword said coldly, "You can't rely on it for a long time if you use tricks secretly." "Tan," said Zhao Yijue. "If you don't believe me, try again." "I'm just going to try again," said Yin and Yang. Right hand dagger a lift, pointing to Zhao Yijue's throat. Although Zhao Yijue thought that it might be Gao Banxian who helped him in the dark and made a strange hidden weapon, which made the Yin and Yang Sword abandon its blade, he looked at it in the dark and did not see the place where Gao Banxian stopped. Whether Gao Banxian was here or not, he was not sure. Seeing the opponent's right hand sword stabbing, he immediately waved his seven-star sword to meet him. But with a sound of clang, the blade in the hands of the Yin and Yang Sword was cut off by Zhao Yijue's Seven Star Sword. Wan Huajian shouted, "Brother Tan, the Seven Star Sword is as sharp as a horse. Brother Tan has known it for a long time. How could he not be careful?" With a wry smile, Yin Yang Jian threw away half of the broken sword in his right hand. He folded his fists and said, "Brother Zhao is brilliant. I can't win the next three moves. I'll keep my promise. This is the end of tonight's business." Turn to the layman. Zhao Yijue only knew that the dagger in his hand was very sharp, but he did not know that he had the advantage of cutting iron like mud. He cut off the refined steel in his opponent's hand, and Zhao Yijue knew that he was holding a precious blade in his hand. There were so many things in his mind that Zhao Yijue didn't hear what the Yin and Yang Sword said at all. When he reached the door of the hall, Zhao Yijue said hurriedly, "Take care, sir. I won't see you off." Wanhua Jian seemed to want to stop Yin and Yang Jian, but when they heard Yin and Yang Jian whispering, they immediately left together. When Diao Pei saw the two of them go far away, he said in a low voice, "Brother Zhao, what's going on?" Zhao Yijue said, "The king's son of a bitch knows what's going on.". ” Li Wentian stood up, clasped his fists respectfully, and said, "Old-timer!"! Thank you for your help. The strong enemy has gone. I hope the old-timers will show up. In fact, Zhang Lan, Diao Pei heart also understand, although Zhao Yijue hands stick to cut iron such as mud sword, but also by no means the opponent of the Yin and Yang sword, must be someone in the dark to help, just make the Yin and Yang sword heart was shocked and left. So, Li Wentian said this, two people four eyes, with the turn around, searching for the person who helped in the dark. But the hall was lit up as bright as day, and there was no one else except four waiters standing at the corner of the hall to take care of the guests. Zhao Yijue coughed lightly and said, "Near this hall, the lights are brilliant, bright and dark. There are no less than a hundred eyes. Not to mention people, even a small sparrow flying over can't escape the eyes of these people." "Brother Zhao," said Li Wentian, "but it's impossible to hide someone in this hall." "Brother Li," said Zhao Yijue, "you might as well look around. If there is someone in the hall, where should he hide?" Li Wentian looked up and found that the lights in the hall were arranged in a very strange way. Not only were every dark corner illuminated by the lights, but also the back of the main hall in the hall was illuminated very clearly by the staggered lights. That is to say, in the arrangement of Zhao Yijue's strict subordinates, the whole hall was clearly illuminated by lights, and there was no shadow for people to hide in. Li Jiantian frowned and said, "It's true that there's no place to hide in this hall, but it may be hiding outside the window." "Wherever he's hiding," said Zhao Yijue, "he must have heard what Brother Li said." Li Wentian suddenly realized something and said, "If he is going to meet us, we don't need to invite him." Zhao Yijue returned the Seven Star Chamber Sword to its scabbard and said, Come on! Let's have a good drink. I didn't think it would be so easy tonight. Diao Pei kept his eyes fixed on the seven-star sword in Zhao Yijue's hand. He coughed lightly and said, "Brother Zhao, this sword is very valuable!" Zhao Yijue said with a smile,inflatable floating water park, "Brother, I only know that this sword is very sharp, but I didn't expect that it can cut iron like mud." 。

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