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 Tárgy:Wu Dong Gan Kun _ Tian Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise..  
Mario L. Davidson
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In today's seed selection, Lin move is undoubtedly the hardest to win, this is not his ability problem, but the opponent is too strong, Wang Zhong's strength, even Lin move have to admire, this person is also known as the so-called Lin Langtian are helpless characters, even Lin move, are in the display of many means, just win. According to Lin Dong's speculation, even if Lin Langtian meets Wang Zhong, if he does not use the mysterious breath in his body, I am afraid it will be very difficult to easily defeat the latter. Such a hard battle, naturally also let Lin move extremely tired, therefore, after returning to the land, he is directly back to the house, now after the success of the quota, his position is obviously no weaker than Lin Langtian, so even Lin Fan just smiled and nodded, told him to rest, prepare for tomorrow's "Holy Spirit Pool" trip. "Call" When Lin Dong returned to his courtyard, Xiao Yan, who had been waiting here for a day, immediately stood up, and then rushed at Lin Dong excitedly. The familiar breath made a smile appear on Lin Dong's face. If you go to the so-called "Holy Spirit Pool" tomorrow, you will take this stupid tiger with you. If it is true, as those guys said,Inflatable dry slide, the Holy Spirit Pool is congealed by the essence and blood of ancient gods and beasts. As long as there is still essence and blood left in it, it will be extremely important to this stupid tiger and lay the foundation for its future impact on Nirvana. At this time, the mink also flashed out and said lazily. If the "Holy Spirit Pool" has the essence and blood of the remaining gods and beasts, then don't you contaminate it? Lin moved and laughed. As a demon mink, the mink is the top existence in the world of monsters. He eats mythical beasts on weekdays. Who cares about the remaining blood? Smell speech, the mink is disdainful of the curl of the mouth, way. Lin moved to smile, but also ignored this tough guy. He modeled Xiao Yan's big head and suddenly said, "It is said that a monster that has entered the realm of nirvana can change its human form."? Then the mink will become a man? "Wait until this stupid tiger can get through the nirvana, when the time comes to wash the marrow and cut the bones from inside to outside,Inflatable water park factory, it will naturally be able to change into human form, but what good is it to change into human form?"? Such a fragile body is far less powerful than the monster body. The mink paws don't move each other, said. In addition, boy, when you enter the ancient battlefield to participate in the Hundred Dynasties War, you have to be more careful. It's not like Dayan Dynasty. Thousands of geniuses from the whole East Xuanyu Dynasty will gather there. Lin Langtian, Wang Zhong and others you see now are indeed geniuses, but you have to know that even geniuses have 369 grades. "According to my estimation, you these strength, although in the big Yan Dynasty younger generation is the top, but if put in the hundred Dynasty war inside, I'm afraid can barely reach the medium level, and this hundred Dynasty war, unusually cruel, there is the real law of the jungle, the ancient battlefield of those enviable resources, no strength, it is best not to go greedy, otherwise, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable floating water park, Your life is in danger. Looking at the eyes seems to be some dignified mink, Lin move is also slightly nodded, he has never been the so-called hundred Dynasty war with the slightest underestimate, today is just a seed selection, is to let him quite a little dangerous, what's more, in the hundred Dynasty war, he will meet all kinds of genius, even more abnormal than Wang Zhong, Mo Ling. The Great Yan Dynasty is only a very small Dynasty in the East Xuanyu. As far as they are concerned, if they want to stand out in the Hundred Dynasties War, it is no less difficult than climbing the sky. Even, there is a great possibility that they will lose their lives on that piece of land without the slightest pity and sympathy. He knows that in the years since the opening of the Hundred Dynasties War, only a few can stand out from it, and more geniuses have become stepping stones for others. This training is not comparable to anything he has experienced in the past. The experience of these two years is like a child's play compared with the Hundred Dynasties War. "But the war is dangerous, but there is really the best place to become stronger, I would like you to go there, you have a mysterious stone amulet and ancestral amulet, in the future, some trouble will find you, if you don't have the strength, the end will be very miserable? I was able to escape a chance of survival, but you may not have such a chance, so, if you are so There will be no hope of a comeback. The mink changed his voice and said. Lin moved silently nodded, he knew the mystery and power of the stone amulet, so far, he did not know what this thing is, but he also understood that the stone amulet must not be an ordinary thing, otherwise, it is impossible that in the Great Wilderness ancient tablet, even the owner of the last devouring ancestral amulet, is unable to see through the stone. Such mysterious and powerful things, perhaps in the future, will bring him great opportunities or great crises, so, as the mink said, he needs great strength to protect himself. Lin moved up to the sky, looking at the dark sky, a long breath, eyes are gradually emerging a lot of fiery color, in this case, then he will take advantage of this hundred Dynasties war, thoroughly let their own transformation! As long as he becomes strong, no matter what trouble comes to him in the future, he can deal with it freely! Night, shrouded in the majestic imperial city, even in the middle of the night, but the imperial city is still decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, incomparably prosperous and lively. Lin Dong sat quietly in the courtyard, Xiao Yan crawled beside him, a pair of broad blood wings occasionally flapping, bringing up a wind in the courtyard. In the silence, Lin Dong's slightly closed eyes suddenly opened slowly. He turned his head and looked at the wall of the courtyard, where a figure stood quietly. He couldn't help laughing and said, "Chief Lin Fan, it's so late. Don't you have a rest?" "Oh, I'm so happy, but it's not so easy to fall asleep." Lin Fan flashed down, and before he reached Lin Dong's side, Xiao Yan suddenly stood up,Inflatable outdoor park, his eyes flashing with vigilance and fierce luster. After Lin Dong waved his hand lightly, his hair like a steel needle slowly softened down, and his body crawled down again.

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