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 Tárgy:Tess of the D'Urbervilles..  
Mario L. Davidson
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(1) Baptism (bapitism), according to the Christian concept, baptism has two meanings, one is to wash away the original sin of the body, and the other is to allow to enter heaven. Children who die without baptism cannot enter heaven, but suffer in hell. Tess had entered into a state of mind, passively accepting a remedy, and if she deserved to be burned for her actions, she should be burned, which was also a kind of closure. Like all the girls in the village, everything was based on the Bible, and they had carefully studied the history of Aholah and Aholibah. ② Aholah and Aholibah (aholah and aholibah), Ezekiel 23. Now there were two women in Egypt who had committed adultery; the older sister's name was Oholah, and the younger sister's name was Oholibah. The Lord said, "a righteous man will judge them, because they are adulteresses.". And I will bring a company against them, and they shall be thrown to and from them, and they shall spoil them; and they shall stone them with stones, and slay them with their swords, and slay their sons and their daughters, and burn their houses with fire, that all the women may be warned. Coc2 to draw conclusions from it. However, when the same problem arises with her children, it has a different color. Her baby was going to die, and her soul was going to die before it was saved. It was nearly bedtime, but she hurried downstairs and asked if she would send for the priest. It was at that time, when her father had just returned from his weekly drinking at Rolliver's, that he felt most strongly about the fact that his family was an ancient aristocracy, and that he was most sensitive to the much-publicized stain that Tess had given to the aristocratic family. He declared that the priest must not be allowed to enter his house and pry into his privacy, because at that time, her shame was more necessary than ever to be covered up. He locked the door and put the key in his pocket. The whole family went to bed, and Tess went to bed in great pain. She lay in bed and kept waking up, and in the middle of the night, she found that the child's condition was getting worse. It was clear that the child was going to die-quietly and without pain, but it was going to die. She tossed and turned in pain. The clock strikes the solemn one o'clock in the morning, when fantasy is transcended from reason, and the possibility of terror becomes an unbreakable fact. In her imagination, because of the twin sins of the unbaptized and the illegitimate child, she was cast into the deepest corner of hell, and she saw the demon leader take up in his hand a three-edged steel fork, like the one used to burn the stove when baking bread, inflatable water slide , and put her child back and forth; In this picture she added many other curious details of the torture of children, which had been told to young people in this Christian country. There was silence in the sleeping room, and the horror was so strong that her imagination became more vivid. She broke out in a cold sweat and soaked her nightgown. Her heart beat violently, and every time she beat, the bed shook. The baby's breathing became more and more difficult, and the mother's nervousness increased. No matter how hard she tried to kiss the child, it was no use; she could not lie down in bed any longer, and she walked anxiously up and down the room. O merciful God, have mercy; have mercy on this poor child! She shouted. Lay your wrath upon me, I am willing; but pity my child! She leaned on the chest of drawers and murmured a broken prayer for a long time, then suddenly jumped up. Ah! Maybe the child can be saved! Maybe that's exactly the same thing! When she spoke, her face became very bright, as if it was shining in the darkness. She lit a candle and went to the second and third beds by the wall. Her brother and sister slept in the same room with her, and she called them all up. Pulling out the washstand again, she stood behind it, poured some water from the pitcher, and made her brother and sister kneel around her, holding out their hands and putting their fingers together. At that time, the children were not fully awake, and when they saw her like that, they felt solemn and terrible, so they kept that posture and opened their eyes wider and wider. She picked up the baby from the bed-she was a child's child-she was not yet fully mature, and hardly seemed entitled to the title of the child's mother. Tess stood upright by the basin, with the infant in her arms, and her eldest sister before her, holding the open prayer book, as a parson's assistant might hold an open prayer book before a clergyman; and thus the girl proceeded to baptize her child. She stood there in a long white nightgown, looking very tall and dignified, with a thick black braid hanging from the back of her head to her waist. The faint, gentle light of the candle hid the little defects of her body and face — the stubble scratches on her wrists, the weariness in her eyes, which might have been exposed by the sun. Her face, which had done her harm, was now beautified by her high enthusiasm, and showed a pure beauty, with a majesty that was like a queen's. The group of children knelt around her, their sleepy eyes red and blinking, waiting for her to get ready. They were full of curiosity, but they were too sleepy to understand it. One of them felt the most deeply and said: "Are you really going to baptize him, Tess?" The young girl's mother answered in the affirmative with dignity. What will you name him? She had not thought of taking a name, but as she went on with the baptism, she suddenly thought of a sentence in Genesis, in which a name was mentioned, and read it out casually: "Suffering,inflatable amusement park, I now baptize you in the name of the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Son." ①。

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