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 Tárgy:The Complete Works of Bing Xin Volume 7..  
Mario L. Davidson
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I came from the disaster-stricken old China The first half of my life was spent in deep darkness I lived through several different eras including the former Qing Dynasty yuan Shikai the Northern Warlords and Chiang Kai-shek's dictatorship I saw with my own eyes the beautiful rivers and mountains of our motherland which were divided and forcibly occupied by imperialism The rippling harbors were full of merchant ships and warships of foreign powers Our compatriots were oppressed and trampled by others and under the lash of exploiters they worked as cattle and horses The vast and fertile land is full of scars and the sons and Trade Show Services daughters of the Chinese nation who can not worry about the future of the nation! But who can save the endangered motherland Historical facts have answered this question It was the Communist Party of China that led the people of the whole country to overthrow the three big mountains through indomitable long-term and arduous struggle The Chinese people really stood up 9600000 square kilometers of land restored her youthful vitality and our motherland stood like a giant in the east of the world! From the comparison of history I deeply realized that "without the Communist Party there would be no new China" which is an irrefutable truth After the founding of New China under the cordial care of the Party I rushed back to the socialist motherland from overseas Over the past 30 years I have seen with my own eyes the tremendous changes in New China Although our road ahead is not smooth there have been twists and turns and the ten years of civil strife have brought great losses to the country the cause of socialism is advancing after all Our socialist system has great superiority and strong vitality which is incomparable to the capitalist system "Only socialism can save China" is the fundamental experience that the Chinese people have summed up in their heroic struggle over the past 100 years and more I firmly believe that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and taking the socialist road our country will be prosperous and the Chinese nation will stand among the advanced nations in the world with its brilliant achievements! I love our socialist motherland and I long for her prosperity and strength as soon as possible I am eighty-one years old this year Last year I said "Life begins at the age of eighty" I will work hard in my lifetime and contribute all my strength to the construction of the four modernizations of the motherland! Because I live in the hospital I can't come to the meeting in person I can only write these words briefly Please forgive me WWwxiAosHuotxtCOM Preface to Bing Xin Anthology Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian/Tang Comrade Zhuo Ru showed me the table of contents of Bing Xin Anthology which she had compiled After reading it China Factory I was surprised and surprised I didn't expect that I had written so much in bits and pieces in the past sixty or seventy years since I was a student! I looked at the essays I had written in the past but did not remember now as if I were looking through an old photo album although over the years I had changed my face and clothes and each photo truthfully reflected the mood environment and everything around me at that time and place Sichuan People's Publishing House is going to publish my anthology I am very ashamed Compared with contemporary writers I have no great works and the content of my works is very narrow so I can't say what contribution I have made I only hope that when readers read this book they will know that there is such a person who was born in China in the 20th century Until the 1980s she wrote out her feelings and hopes at that time and place at any time "Words are the voice of the heart" truly represents the long and tortuous journey she has traveled in her life Just like the photo album those who knew her would say that these Toys & Hobbies photos were very similar and those who did not know her could imagine what kind of person she was from these photos In this way I will ① Bing Xin Anthology Sichuan People's Publishing House first published in March 1983 Satisfied In the early morning of September 12 1981 www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com Reunion of one's own flesh and blood and celebration of the whole world Small! Say ! txt! God Don At noon yesterday I was very excited and excited to hear Ye Jianying chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress deliver to Xinhua reporters the nine principles and policies on Taiwan's return to the motherland and the realization of peaceful reunification! I feel that every word of these nine principles and policies comes from the hearts of the one billion people of all nationalities in the motherland They are really full of courage and deep feelings! Think of our Taiwan compatriots across the sea those who love their homeland and motherland will surely rejoice and respond From then on the descendants of the Yellow Emperor were able to reunite their families and work together to revitalize China In my lifetime to hear this beautiful news decades of fragrance to wish the long-cherished wish once there is hope of completion can not help but be overjoyed It is now six o'clock in the morning of October 1 and the east is already red and the sky is blue Here I look forward to receiving the good news from the brothers and sisters across the Strait as soon as possible! Bing Xin October 1 1981 600 am WWWxiAosHuoTXTcom Send it to young readers Novel /txt \ Tian Tang Dearest little friend Thanks to the editors of China Youth Daily I can say a few words to my favorite children on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the publication of China Youth Daily

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